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Last year - 2014- The Club celebrated fifty years since the production of the car started in 1964.
       They were built at Eastleigh, Southampton, UK on the airfield site in a building famous for the
                                 production of the early Supermarine “Spitfire” aircraft.

   A report with pictures of the 50 year celebration is in the “past events”  section of this website                         You can access this section directly by clicking here

This car is the Prototype of the marque. It has a metal body shell designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro on a space-frame chassis. It is powered by an intermediate-sized Chevrolet Corvette engine, triple Rochester carburettors, a close ratio gearbox, De Dion rear axle and four wheel disc brakes.  The car could reach 70mph in first gear and 140mph maximum - any more than this was considered to be superfluous in 1960.
The car was the sensation of the 1960 Geneva Motor show and had been designed and built from scratch in 3 months - the chassis in England and the body in Italy. They were joined in early March and driven to the show in Geneva. (Being held up in the border Customs nearly prevented its appearance there.)

Production finally got under way in 1964 but industrial action limited the supply of steering boxes which caused financial difficulties from which the company never fully recovered. 91 cars were completed before the company liquidated in 1965.  Restarting that year as Keeble Cars Ltd, production continued slowly prior to moving the factory to Sholing, Southampton where the last 8 cars were completed. In total, 99 cars were completed with enough spares remaining for the 100th example to be privately constructed elsewhere in 1971.

If you have any information about the cars which you think would be useful for
                 the club records, please communicate with the Secretary

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